• IDEAcarbon's R20 Conference presentation

    Ian Johnson, Chairman of Carbon Ratings Agency, and Neil Eckert, Advisor to IDEAcarbon, proudly opened IDEAcarbon and the Carbon Rating Agency's panel at the 2013 R20 Conference in Vienna. Click here to read their full presentation.

IDEAglobal Group was formed in 2008, with the intention of bringing to market two important initiatives in climate change solutions: IDEAcarbon and The Carbon Ratings Agency.

These initiatives represented a leading contribution to the thinking, framework and solutions for climate risk. The main objectives were to generate confidence among institutional investors allowing them to understand the risks and prospective returns in this emerging asset class, encouraging their participation to invest.

A Brief History

On June 25th, 2008, Lord Nicholas Stern launched the Carbon Ratings Agency on the London Stock Exchange, shortly after becoming Vice Chair of the Agency. more

Climate Finance


Our sister company The Carbon Rating Agency has a range of products designed to empower public and private entities to scale, enable and profit from the business opportunities found within the growing field of climate finance.
The Carbon Rating Agency has benefited from testing its suite of climate finance products with our long established sister company IDEAglobal’s extensive network of Sovereign Wealth Funds, institutional investors and investment banks and knowledge of how these organisations consider investments in new asset classes.
The Carbon Rating Agency provides a suite of ratings and analytical products covering the following carbon ratings, energy efficiency ratings and indices amongst others.
The principal role of the CRA product suite is as an enabler of climate finance, risk sharing between public and private stakeholders and for the construction of legitimate instruments necessary for this new asset class.

Environmental Markets & Energy Commodities

Energy, Commodities and Environment Markets

Working alongside our long established sister company, IDEAglobal, we provide impartial and directional outlooks on key assets within the environmental markets and energy commodities spectrum.
IDEAglobal’s range of expertise in global markets, combined with our own sectoral expertise enables us to provide informed and holistic market views. IDEAglobal has nearly 25 years experience providing information and advice to more than 500 of the most significant private investors in the world – including Sovereign Wealth Funds, institutional investors and investment banks which collectively control and manage the bulk of the world’s assets.
Our outlooks are used by risk officers, CIOs and traders in leading public and private sector organisations.

Climate Policy

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We are privileged to have our climate finance pioneers and climate policy decision-makers on our advisory board, who have shaped, and continue to shape climate policy, both nationally and internationally, and have played a major role in putting climate and environmental markets at the top of today’s global agenda.

Our advisory board members, combined with the IDEAcarbon Policy Network, allow us to take a pro-active approach to climate policy. Our clients benefit from early policy insights, with direct benefits to their balance sheets, investor perceptions and environmental asset portfolios.