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Our Positioning, Governance & Values

Our Positioning

IDEAcarbon Limited and the Carbon Rating Agency (CRA) are uniquely positioned to play a critical thought-leadership role in the development of environmental markets, climate finance, energy commodities, and climate policy.

Three reasons:

  • We are at the cutting-edge of policy and market intelligence. Our Advisory Board is made up of high-profile leading experts within global environmental markets, climate finance, energy commodities, and climate policy field. Uniquely, our team of advisors enables unparalleled access to the decision-making processes that shape the future of environmental markets, climate finance, energy commodities, and climate policy. The Advisory Board helps IDEAcarbon remain at the forefront of climate policy development and law. IDEAcarbon also benefits from the policy and market networks and advisory input from IDEAglobal’s Advisory Board, (IDEAcarbon’s sister company) with prominent members which include Lord Stern (author, the Economics of Climate Change; UK), Professor Dr. Schlesinger (former President of the Deutsche Bundesbank; Germany) and Mr Ng (Managing Director of the GIC; Singapore).
  • Our strong critical insight and technical analysis is the best on the market. Our qualified and growing team of Market and Policy Analysts, monitor and draw out the critical daily perspectives on the impact of regulatory and market events, in shaping environmental markets and moving carbon prices. Over the years, IDEAcarbon has built up its specialist knowledge base and analysis of the ramifications of domestic and international climate policy, drawing on our unparalleled access to climate policy networks, and formal and informal insights, at UK, EU and International level.
  • Our carbon risk and valuation methodologies are unique and market leading. Unlike other methodologies to quantify project delivery risk, the Carbon Rating Agency (CRA) undertakes a multi-faceted, rigorous assessment of the specific characteristics and likelihood of a project or portfolio delivering its stated carbon emissions reductions in the stated time period. This level of sophistication and insight are unique and pioneering in the market. CRA ratings are accompanied by detailed diagnostic reports that provide in-depth analysis surrounding carbon project delivery risk.
Our Governance

Independence and rigour are key to IDEAcarbon's business and to the trust placed in us by our clients. IDEAcarbon strictly adheres to the following guidelines to ensure that its independence is protected at all times:

  • No IDEAcarbon staff is allowed to buy or sell assets or derivatives in the markets that we analyse; Independent Advisors are involved in the development of IDEAcarbon products and services, and are, therefore, free to challenge the firm’s direction in the interests of better analysis and rigour; and
  • We have implemented a ‘Chinese wall’ between the different business functions of the IDEAcarbon Strategic Intelligence departments which advise clients, and the Carbon Ratings Agency which conducts independent risk analysis.
Our Values

During our day-to-day activities, we integrate the following values within our internal and external relationships, advisory work and publishing output:

  • Independence and rigour: We strive for excellence in everything we do, and uphold the highest levels of integrity in all our actions and dealings with customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues and the communities where we have an impact. We are open, honest and transparent and uphold our promises.
  • Thought-leadership: We are passionate about our business, our brands, our heritage and our subject area. We are well recognised within the carbon market and policy field for our innovative and pioneering ideas and insights.
  • Collaborative: Climate change is a global challenge which requires global solutions and partnerships, requiring individual organizations to go beyond their individual capacities and goals in order to maximize their potential goals and impact with other partners. We, therefore, proactively seek out other organizations that share our goals, and customer values, and look for mutually beneficial opportunities to achieve both company and public goals. The Carbon Rating Agency (CRA) recognises that its work on ratings will more rapidly achieve its full potential as a result of close partnerships with similarly minded organisations in both the public and private sectors.
  • Innovative: We believe that climate change is a positive business opportunity, and create pioneering and cutting-edge products, services and solutions that combine the latest technologies with our unrivalled subject matter expertise, and deep insight of our customers’ needs.
  • Customer-focused: We support our customers’ success by creating exceptional value by going to extraordinary lengths to research, develop and maintain innovative and high quality products, services and solutions which satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations.