About Us

  IDEAglobal Structure 2

IDEAcarbon is reconstituting to a not-for-profit Foundation. It is an independent organization whose mission is to create a credible global price on carbon and Integrate measured environmental ratings into debt/capital markets. Working alongside and funded by its parent company, IDEAglobalGroup, it provides impartial and directional outlooks on key assets within the environmental markets and energy commodities spectrum. IDEAglobal has nearly 25 years experience providing information and advice to over 400 financial institutions and government agencies– including Sovereign Wealth Funds, institutional investors, banks and leading corporations. Its products and services are used by risk officers, CIOs, policy makers and traders. Its Advisory Board includes Professor Dr Helmut Schlesinger and Mr Ng Kok Song.

The Carbon Ratings Agency

The Carbon Rating Agency (CRA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IDEAglobal Group. It is the world’s only ratings agency focused on carbon and energy efficiency asset ratings. Its mission is to enable the creation of carbon as an asset class. It provides a suite of ratings and analytical products including carbon ratings, energy efficiency ratings, ratings of NAMAs, PoAs, sectors and indices. The principle role of these products is an enabler of climate finance, risk sharing between public and private stakeholders and for the construction of legitimate instruments necessary for this new asset class to crowd in private capital. The CRA’s products have been built using both financial and environmental market experts such as current UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres and former UN Under-Secretary-General Nitin Desai. The CRA has benefitted from testing its suite products with IDEAglobal’s network of Sovereign Wealth Funds, institutional investors and investment banks, as well as multilateral organizations and leading corporations. This has enabled the creation of risk metrics and tools with strong foundations for comparability with other asset classes and legitimate accounting and valuation of carbon as an asset for voluntary, compliance and investment purposes. In June 2008 Lord Stern (then Vice Chair of IDEAglobal Group), Shandi Modi (Founder and Chairman of IDEAglobal Group) and Ian Johnson (Chairman, The Carbon Ratings Agency) officially launched the CRA at the London Stock Exchange.